Closing the VR-loop around the Human in

Computer-Aided Design


What is VR+4CAD?

The goal of VR+4CAD is to address a series of recurring limitations that prevent a wider adoption of Virtual Reality (VR) by the manufacturing and design industries. 

VR+4CAD aims for CAD-authored design to be automatically converted and adapted for human interaction within a virtual environment. Interaction is made more immediate by means of an experimental, markerless motion capture system. Its acquired data is further analyzed via Human Activity Recognition (HAR) techniques and transformed into implicit feedback. Both explicit and implicit feedback are merged and sent back to the CAD operator for the next design iteration. 


What challenges?

Objective 1

Automatic conversion of CAD data to VR content ready for human interaction

Objective 2

Enabling VR-based explicit annotation of CAD data for future design cycles

Objective 3

Integrate full-body user representation through markerless motion capture


Objective 4

Provide implicit feedbacks about the user experience using HAR


Major impacts

Benefit 1

Remove the reliance on costly physical prototypes


Benefit 2

Reduce the number of design iterations through explicit and implicit feedback

Benefit 3

Simplify the evaluation of designs for ergonomics and manipulability

Benefit 4

Design and develop in a more ecological and sustainable manner

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